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  • Tina R. / Alliance, Ohio
  • CLINTON C. / Alliance, Ohio
  • BETTY B. / Alliance, Ohio
  • MINDY S. / Alliance, Ohio
  • JUNE T. / Alliance, Ohio
  • LINDA K. / Alliance, Ohio
  • CHARLOTTE B. / Alliance, Ohio
  • RAY M.  / Alliance, Ohio
  • LARRY J.  / Alliance, Ohio
  • HARRY N.  / Alliance, Ohio
  • MARTHA R. / Louisville, Ohio
  • KATHLEEN S./ Louisville, Ohio
  • ROBERTA W. / Alliance, Ohio
  • RUBY G. / Alliance, Ohio
  • PAUL H. / Alliance, Ohio
  • FRANK K. / Beloit, Ohio
  • JAMES S. / Malvern, Ohio
  • WILLARD B. / Alliance, Ohio
  • BETTY B. / Paris, Ohio
  • BERNIE M. / Salem, Ohio
  • LAURA J. / Alliance, Ohio
  • BARBARA A. / Alliance, Ohio
  • GEORGE M. / Alliance Ohio
  • PATRICIA M. / Alliance, Ohio
  • KATHY T. / Alliance, Ohio
  • CARL P. / Alliance, Ohio
  • RICHARD B. / Alliance, Ohio
  • TIM E. / Beioit, Ohio
  • COURTNEY B. / Alliance, Ohio
  • DANIELLE W. / Alliance, Ohio
  • JAMES R. / Alliance, Ohio

“Thank you all so much for your help in getting Violet to her granddaughter’s wedding. She was so excited and enjoyed seeing the wedding. We love her so much. Thanks to everyone for your help!”  Tina R.  

“The staff is very attentive here. Everyone is very nice and tries to help whenever they can. I was able to cut my O2 down and I am feeling much better and stronger.” Clinton C.   

“What I have liked most about my stay at McCrea Manor is I am free to come and go whenever I want. I have gotten great care and everyone is nice. I have really enjoyed the outings and being invited to participate.” – Betty B.  

“I love it here and I would refer McCrea Manor to friends, family and to the community.” Mindy S.   

“I had a great experience staying at McCrea Manor. Everyone is very pleasant and thoughtful.” June T. 

“The STNAs on Buckeye Lane are fantastic, the best I’ve ever seen. My husband received excellent care by the certified dementia professionals. I would take these girls home with me. It’s amazing how much these residents love the STNAs.” –  Linda K.  (wife of resident Leverne K. )  

“I was very happy with my stay at McCrea Manor. The staff is very sweet and supportive. I am very happy to be able to go home to my pets. If I ever need to do rehab again, I will choose McCrea Manor!” –  Charlotte B. 

“McCrea Manor is a great place to stay and I will come back again if I need to!” –  Ray M.

“While I was at the hospital I got a visit from McCrea Manor. It was so nice to see a smiling face telling me that I was being released from the hospital and that everyone at McCrea was looking forward to having me come back home. It made my day.” –  Larry J.

Harry N“This is a very nice rehab place. The therapists are my friends. All the nursing staff is very competent and knowledgeable. I will be back for outpatient therapy.” –  Harry N.

“I can’t say enough good about the staff. They treated me and my guests with respect. They remembered the little things – like my hot chocolate and my towels folded a certain way. All my needs were provided. Physical therapy is wonderful and dedicated. They got me through the tough parts without me even knowing it.” –  Martha R.  

“The staff here are good to me. It’s like a home. I didn’t want to move in with my kids, this was the next best thing. I have a lot of friends here, and everyone looks after you.”-  Kathleen S. 

Roberta W“I enjoyed my stay here. I came in and couldn’t walk.  Two moths later, I’m going home. Everybody is really nice. I enjoyed the arthritis exercise class and will be back for that.”-  Roberta W. 

Ruby G“Everybody was gracious to me in every way. Great treatment from STNAs. Therapy is wonderful. If I would have to go back for any reason, I would choose to for sure. I could not ask for better treatment. My family and visitors love the place. My room is kept clean and I’m given choices.”-  Ruby G. 

Paul H“Therapy is absolutely wonderful. I have never run into so many attentive and caring individuals. They pushed me to be successful. It’s the cleanest place ever. I am so proud of myself. The encouragement they give you is so genuine. –  Paul H. 

Frank K“I love it here at McCrea Manor, they keep me busy with things I enjoy doing. I like to help the Maintenance Man and enjoy volunteering in Activities. This Christmas I got to put my woodworking skills to use and made a Christmas tree for the courtyard. This is my home.” —  Frank K.

Frank's tree

“I was at Aultman Hospital for two months. When I got to McCrea Manor I was unable to get out of bed by myself, or even sit up. I needed help with everything. McCrea Manor started me with exercises to strengthen my arms and legs, and after about two weeks, I could finally sit up and get out of bed with some assistance. The nursing staff is great. I like all of them. The therapy staff is fantastic and really works hard to get you back to where you were. I know I would not have done as well anywhere else. I would recommend McCrea Manor to anyone needing rehab and nursing care.” –  James S.

Pictured with his daughter, Tanya Blankenship

Willard B“I came to McCrea for rehab because the staff took great care of my wife. Everyone here was so good to me. I am ready to go home because of therapy. I am independent now and can do things on my own. I am ready, because of McCrea” — Willard B. 

Betty B“I had fun here at McCrea Manor. It was like being on vacation and I didn’t have to do a thing. Everyone was great. Therapy was wonderful and I am walking!” –  Betty B.  

Bernie M“The therapists and nurses here at McCrea are great.  No complaints at all.  I will miss all the girls and I will be back to visit for Senior Lunch.” –  Bernie M. 

Laura J“The staff here at McCrea Manor is family to me. When I found out I needed a knee replacement, I knew exactly where I was going for rehab. McCrea has taken care of my family members for years, to me there is no other choice.”  – Laura J.  

Barbara-A“I loved it here. I love the nurses and the STNAs, there is not a bad one in the bunch! You can tell the staff at McCrea really loves their job. I will really miss them.” – Barbara A.  

George-M“I came to McCrea Manor because my wife was here for rehab once also. Everyone was so nice and therapy got me up and walking again. In our family there is no choice, if my wife or I need therapy, we will go to McCrea Manor.” – George M.

MM-PatriciaM“The therapists and nurses here did everything they could to help me reach my goal.  I feel sad about leaving all my new friends, but I am happy to go home and WALK! I will never forget how nice McCrea Manor was to me.”  – Patricia M. 

Kathy Talbot“The staff at McCrea Manor was good to me and always attentive to my needs.  Any concerns I may have had were addressed in a timely manner. I will be back for outpatient therapy. If I had to recommend a rehab place, it would be McCrea Manor.”  – Kathy T.

MM-CarlP“If I had to recommend anyone to this place, I wouldn’t even blink an eye.  The staff here is marvelous.  Therapy is great, as is nursing.  McCrea Manor welcomes you and makes you feel like you’re part of their family.”  – Carl P. 

Richard B“Everyone that I worked with at McCrea Manor was wonderful. I consider them my friends. I can’t wait to get home because I am stronger than ever. ”  – Richard B. 

Tim E“The therapy here at McCrea Manor is great, I love this place. My two younger brothers were also here for rehab. McCrea Manor is where my family goes to get better.” – Tim E. 

Courtney B“My experience at McCrea was amazing! Everyone was extremely nice and understanding. Therapy was fun and I feel prepared to go home. Thank you everyone.” – Courtney B. 

MM-danielleW“The staff here at McCrea Manor was so kind, my room was extremely comfortable and always clean. Physical Therapy helped me make corrections in my way of doing everyday activities. Therapy was tough but fair and I never felt forced to do things I did not feel comfortable with. I will come back to McCrea Manor if I ever need therapy again.” – Danielle W. 

MM-jamesR“I enjoyed therapy to tell you the truth. My therapists took great care of me. The food was good and my stay here was excellent. I never wanted for anything while I was here. I will be back if I need help again.”  – James R.